The Archimedes Project, started at Stanford University in 1992 and now at the University of Hawaii, is a multi-disciplinary research group focused on ensuring everybody is able to access information regardless of individual needs, abilities, preferences, and culture. The Archimedes Project is unique in that it is organized around eliminating the communication blockages that limit access, not the disabilities that cause them. The goal is to understand how to provide universal access for all.

Archimedes has a small core group, based in Hawaii, with contractors and collaborating researchers in California, North Carolina, New York, the Netherlands, Japan, and New Zealand.

The work of Archimedes ranges from studying user needs and usability issues to the research and development of special hardware and software. The Archimedes approach is based on the Intelligent Total Access System (iTASK), providing individuals with a personal information appliance, called an accessor, that provides alternative ways to perform all of the keyboard, mouse and/or monitor functions of any target information technology (IT) device or appliance.

The iTASK incorporates an Integration Manager and Natural Interaction Processor (IMNIP), recently invented by Archimedes researchers, that enables people to interact with devices using their own natural language and gestures.

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Core Archimedes technologies include:

Applications being developed around these core technologies include:

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Who we are:
Multidisciplinary research Group at University of Hawaii with collaborators around the world

Where we are:
Honolulu, Stanford, New York, Kyoto, Eindhoven

Why we do it:
Current computer and IT systems are a poor match to the needs, abilities, preferences and culture of most potential users

How we do it:
We are redefining the user interface to make computers and IT behave more like people.

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