The Archimedes Project believes that assistive and interactive technology must be carefully matched to individual needs, abilities, preferences and culture.

Product designers and marketers who use a one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter approach for solutions to technology needs generally fall far short with respect to personal differences and cultural differences. Believing this is an arrogant and unfair approach, the Archimedes Project strives to design solutions that really do accommodate individual needs, abilities, preferences and culture.

The IMNIP, which is at the core of most of the technology-based solutions created by Archimedes researchers, uses Intent-Driven interaction strategies that are independent of language and culture. The IMNIP makes it possible to hide the inner workings of applications and operating systems and replace them with personally selected and optimized interaction strategies and preferences.

The Archimedes Project welcomes mentors, interns and visiting researchers from different countries and cultures to take part in the development of accessible technology solutions.

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