Disability Access
Countries all around the world are beginning to acknowledge the rights of citizens with disabilities to have the same access as everyone else to resources such as accommodation, information, education, employment, leisure and travel. As yet, most countries are still struggling to find systematic ways for providing these rights. Trying to make large systems universally accessible is extremely difficult because of the wide diversity of disabilities that must be accommodated and the connectivity and protocol differences in the equipment.

By separating personal accessor needs from system interfaces, the iTASK offers the most promising option for widespread implementation of universal access. A typical example is depicted in Figure 1. Equipping a disabled individual with a selection of accessors that best overcome his or her specific problems ensures the user will always have the same high level of performance and personal customization regardless of the type or location of the IT device or appliance that is being accessed.

By functioning independently of the devices that are being accessed, iTASK modules preserve the huge investment that has gone into developing accessibility strategies over the past three decades. Present practices in the computer industry are extremely wasteful because perfectly good access devices are constantly being made obsolete when computer operating systems are changed without updating the device drivers that allow them to recognize and interact with peripherals. If there is no available driver, the peripheral device can no longer be used. iTASK isolates the accessible devices from the operating system and allows them to be used with any type of hardware and any type or version of operating system.

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