The Archimedes Project uses leverage to get the most from limited resources, including people. Please contact us if you have skills, time, contacts, funding, or other resources, that could help us achieve our goals.

  1. Software design—Archimedes researchers are creating cutting edge technologies that require substantial amounts of software. Come talk to us if you are looking for challenging programming activities in C++, C, Visual Basic, Assembler or Flash.
  2. Hardware design—If you want to make things, we need help with electronics and mechanical design and fabrication for a variety of proof-of-concept prototypes.
  3. Writing—We are heavily involved in writing proposals, handbooks, brochures, web pages, reports, press releases, learning materials, and conference presentations. We would like to hear you if you like writing and would like to help us.
  4. Mentoring—Archimedes is running a series of workshops to make electronic toys accessible to children with disabilities. This is part of an ongoing program that introduces high school students to applications of electronics and microprocessors with the goal of raising their awareness of career options in science, engineering and technology. Please talk to us if you have electronics or programming skills that would allow you to be a mentor for these workshops.
  5. Internships—Archimedes welcomes graduate and postgraduate students who want to do internships. These may be for credit or they may be paid, depending on available resources.
  6. Connections—Technology-based solutions to problems are useless if the people who need them are not aware of them or can't afford to purchase them. We appreciate any help you can provide in connecting us to individuals and groups who need technology and organizations that can assist with funding.
  7. Funding Sources—A great deal of our time and effort currently goes into obtaining grants to keep the project alive. Please tell individuals or organizations who care about making better technology available to people with disabilities, aging people and students, about our work and provide us with an introduction.
  8. Licensing—Archimedes technology can be licensed from the University of Hawaii and Stanford University.
  9. Sponsorship—Many of the world's people who could benefit most from information technology can afford it least. To help us work on their behalf, The Archimedes Hawaii Project welcomes support from sponsors. Sponsor-provided funding is especially valuable in helping us support some of our most important work and initiatives. While we are funded in part by grants and contracts for specific projects, funding from sponsors allows us to:
    • Undertake basic research
    • Offer financial assistance to visiting researchers from all parts of the world, including distinguished scholars and senior faculty as well as graduate and undergraduate students
    • Deploy solutions that significantly improve access to information and information appliances by individuals, groups, and institutions lacking the resources to otherwise obtain them.
    • Work with high school students to raise awareness of the need to study science, math and technology.
    The need is vast, and sponsorship at every level is most gratefully appreciated. To give us an idea of your interest, please contact Neil Scott, Director, Archimedes Hawaii Project.

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Please contact us if you can help with:

Software design
Hardware design

Funding Sources

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