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Neil Scott is the Director of the Archimedes Project at the University of Hawaii, a multidisciplinary research project that focuses on improving human/computer interaction strategies and technologies. He was a founding member of the Archimedes Project at Stanford University in 1992. His is currently working on the design and dissemination of new intelligent interface technologies that make computers easier for everyone to use. Stanford University received a patent in 2000 for the Total Access System invented by Scott. The Total Access System provides universal access to computers and other electronic devices using technologies such as speech recognition, head tracking, and eye tracking. It was selected as one of the five top innovations in computer hardware in the 1997 Discover Magazine awards.

Scott invented a new type of natural interaction processor in 2002 that he used to create an Intelligent Total Access System. This enables people to use their own natural words and gestures to interact with and control computers, Information Technology and appliances. Two patents are pending for the Natural Interaction Processor at the heart of this new technology. Current activities are focused on developing and licensing new applications of the core technology in disability access, education, smart houses, and support for aging people. These applications are extremely wide-ranging and Scott is working to establish collaborative relationships with researchers and manufacturers in the United States, New Zealand, England and Japan.

The lead article in a special Millennium Edition of the San Francisco magazine, in January 2000, featured Neil Scott as one of fifteen Bay Area futurists who will shape the way people live, think, work and play in the new millennium. He was named a Lifetime Tech Laureate in the 2002 International Tech Museum of Innovation Awards for his commitment to creating technologies that promote equal opportunity and diversity for people around the world.

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Honors and Professional Associations:

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Presentations and Seminars:

Neil Scott is a popular keynote speaker at international conferences and is frequently invited to brief government departments and industry leaders about trends in human/computer interfaces, educational applications of computers, accessibility for people with disabilities, and independent living for aging people. During the past seven years, Scott has made more than 200 presentations in the United States, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Egypt, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.


Co-author, with Marshall Raskind, of "SoundProof," a PC screen reading program for individuals with learning disabilities. This program is licensed to HumanWare, Inc., Sacramento, who has been manufacturing and distributing it world-wide since 1991.

Designer of "ScottBridge" speech accessor program for adding speech recognition to any PC or workstation.

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Examples of Experience in Developing and Applying Technology:

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