Resume for Sandy Gabrielli


2003 - Current: Archimedes Hawaii Project Senior engineer responsible for hardware and software development and design. Her areas of focus are;

3/2003-Current: Archimedes Access Research and Technology Inc..
Quality Assurance manager. Developing and implemented quality assurance tests and methodology. Assisting with redesign and development for the CAN communicator phase 2. Revising user documentation.

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3/2003-9/2003: The Parkinsons Institute Research Assistant at
Implemented research study of functional restoration of movement in individuals with Parkinsons, using the Interactive Metronome training device. Developed control group experimental methodology using computer interfaces and music based activities. Conducted research and managed other research assistants.

2002-2003: Biomedical Engineer at Veterans Administration, Palo Alto, Rehabilitation Research and Development Center.
Set up a relational archive of 12 years of research data, project information, and publications. Conducted experiments in study "Pressure Motion Feedback to Protect Skin of Sensorimotor Impaired Elders".

2000 - 2002:
Software Engineer at Ricoh Silicon Valley.
Software Engineer in eCabinet UI engineering group. Projects included:

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1998 - 2000: Contract Consultant for OnLine Staffing

Sun/Netscape Alliance
Quality Assurance engineer for release of iPlanet Solaris 8 co-bundled server products(Web Server, Application Server, Directory Server, Certificate Server, WebTop, SunScreen Firewall). Tested installation of servers with Solaris 8 on UNIX.

Java Licensee Engineering Support
Provided technical support for licensed customers developing products with Truffle, JDK1.1.8, a Java graphics subset of Personal Java for embedded and consumer products. Created Y2K testing tools for JavaCheck. Developed Java Technology Licensee Engineering Web site.

1997-1998: Software Developer at Attention Control Systems, Inc.
Developed software for personal information system (PIM) on a handheld device programming in C for the WindowsCE platform. Contributed to UI design for cognitively impaired users. Developed on-line tutorial and training manuals. Designed and created company web site following Federal 508 accessibility guidelines.

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1991 - 1998: Biomedical Engineer at Veterans Administration, Palo Alto,
Rehabilitation Research and Development Center. Designed and implemented biomedical research electronic equipment and software. Projects included:

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1995 - 1996/1990 - 1991: Firmware/Software Design Engineer at Sym Systems. Developed BIOS level test software in 6303 Assembly and applications level C programming for Augmentative Communication device vendor. Worked directly with driver level code. Responsible for system hardware debugging and repair. Worked on web site.

1991 - 1992: Technology Specialist at Special Technology Center.
Developed hardware and software interfaces and systems for disabled individuals on Apple, Mac and IBM systems.

1989 - 1990: UNR Instructional Media Services -
Installed and maintained electrical communications and video equipment.

1988 - 1989: Emhiser Research Inc. -
Assisted with electronics testing, assembly, and board layout.

1986 - 1988: Conley and Associates -
Drafted electrical power and lighting drawings and prepared specifications, and design documentation.

1986: Software Developer at Xebec, Inc. -
Wrote C code for disk drive controller, and user interfaces.

1980 - 1986: Licensed Family Daycare Provider -
Provided family daycare for children in my home. Served 2 years as president of the Northern Nevada Family Daycare Association. Implemented and developed preschool curriculum. Taught workshops on early childhood curriculum for home daycare. Family daycare liaison to the Nevada Association for the Education of Young Children.

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Programming Languages: Java, Flash, Python, C++, C, Perl, HTML, VRML

Operating Systems: Linux, FreeBSD, Windows95-98, Windows NT, Unix, Solaris, WindowsCE, WindowsXP Tablet

Servers: Apache, Samba, Solaris

Databases: Postgres, Trados(localization database), Filemaker

Excel, Photoshop, FlashMX, RayDreamStudio, Premiere, Director, Virtual Reality Studio, VR Workshop, 3DFX, WorldToolKit, Labview data acquisition, and Data Translation data acquisition, Strawberry Tree data acquisition for MAC, AutoCad.

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Project description in "A Pocketful of Miracles: How Pocket PCs help people with special needs." By Kim Moccia, Pocket PC Magazine, November, 2002 , - Planning with PEAT

"UpperBody Motion Analysis for amelioration of falls in the elderly",
Rehabilitation Research and Development Center 1996 Progress Report

"Obstacle Avoidance- training with computer simulated environments",
Rehabilitation Research and Development Center 1996 Progress Report

"Improving Stepping-Over Responses in the Elderly using Simulated Objects",

"Improving Pedaling Symmetry: assessment and therapy",
Rehabilitation Research and Development Center 1994 Project Report

"Accelerometry for Balance Assessment", Rehabilitation Research and Development Center 1996 Progress Report,

"Reliability and Validity of Accelerometric Gait and Balance", Rehabilitation Research and Development Center website,

"Examination of the momentum transfer stage of sit-to-stand performed by healthy elderly using accelerometric and video data", Proc RESNA 1999 Annual Conference, Long Beach, CA, June 25-29, 1999,pp213-215.

"Analysis of Sit-to-Stand Performed by Young Normals, Using Forceplate and Accelerometric Data", Proc RESNA 1998 Conf, Minneapolis, MN, June 26-30, 1998, pp60-62

"Alternatives in Quantitative Geriatric Balance and Mobility Assessment", Proc RESNA '97, Pittsburgh PA, June 20-24, pp.463-465.

"Accelerometric Motion Analysis of Balance-Impaired Elderly Subjects", Proc RESNA 96 Annual Conference, Salt Lake City, UT, June 7-12,1995.

"Accelerometric Balance Diagnosis Compared to Qualitative Methods", Winogad, C.H., Gadd, J.J., Dunn-Gabrielli, S., Kenney, D.E., Sabelman, E.E., Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, in press.

Education and Achievements:

BSEE, University of Nevada(pending) Reno

UNR Electrical Engineering Service Award 1990
UNR Engineering School Service Award 1990
Vice-Chairman, IEEE Student Organization, 1989-1990
Outreach Program speaker, Society of Women Engineers

References available upon request.

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Sandy Gabrielli

Senior Software Engineer
Archimedes Hawaii Project
University of Hawaii
879 N. King Street
Honolulu, HI 96817

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