Visiting Researchers

Education is a vital part of our mission. We encourage creative and entrepreneurial individuals from all parts of the world to join us as a Research Associate.

The quest to make technology serve mankind's needs will never cease. If you want to be become part of the quest to improve access to computers and information appliances for all people, regardless of their abilities, needs, preferences, and culture, The Archimedes Project offers educational opportunities to learn from, and work with, leaders in the field.

Opportunities are available at the University of Hawaii campus and our affiliated institutions worldwide for a limited number of highly motivated Research Associates. Additionally, Archimedes offers similar opportunities at universities and organizations worldwide with which it is affiliated.

Research Associates are generally graduate students who work on an Archimedes project under the guidance of members of the Archimedes team or U.H. faculty. Some financial assistance may be available, courtesy corporate sponsorship and The Archimedes Foundation.

If you are passionate about using technology to make a positive difference, please tell us about yourself and your goals by emailing us a completed application.

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