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Recreation & Leisure

Toys Available for Loan

Please check our online listing of available toys. The description page of each toy shows a picture and describes how the toy behaves.

If you would like to borrow a toy, contact us by phone or email.

Active Dolly Battery Dog click to view device 10000 1 O-Archimedes available
Baby Big Bird click to view device 10001 1 O-Archimedes available
Beat Box Bunny click to view device 10002 1 O-Archimedes available
Chicken Dancing Elmo click to view device 10003 2 O-Archimedes available
Cow click to view device 10004 1 O-Archimedes available
Dancing Hamster Sargent click to view device 10005 1 O-Archimedes available
Bear in Big Blue House click to view device 10006 1 O-Archimedes available
Fisher-Price Merry-Go-Round click to view device 10007 3 O-Arch/O-ATRC available
Gemmy Dancing Hampster click to view device 10008 1 O-Archimedes available
Halloween Light click to view device 10009 1 O-Archimedes available
Hanai Large Stuffed Bear click to view device 10010 3 O-Archimedes available
Hanai Small Stuffed Bear click to view device 10011 2 O-Archimedes available
Jumping Dolphin click to view device 10012 1 O-Archimedes available
Kung Fu Hamster click to view device 10013 1 O-Archimedes available
Large Huggable Pooh click to view device 10014 1 O-Archimedes available
Let's Pretend Elmo click to view device 10015 1 O-Archimedes available
Metro Police Unit 118 Car click to view device 10016 1 O-Archimedes available
Mini Portable Fan click to view device 10017 1 O-Archimedes repairs
Monkey in Cage 1992 click to view device 10018 1 O-Archimedes available
Radio Controlled Pick-up Truck click to view device 10019 2 O-ATRC available
Radio Controlled Wheelie Cycle click to view device 10020 2 O-ATRC available
Toys by Tiffany Singing Sheep click to view device 10021 1 O-Archimedes available
Tonka Electronic Tuffies Dump Truck click to view device 10022 1 O-Archimedes available
Veggie Tales Junior Asparagus click to view device 10023 1 O-Archimedes available
Barking Puppy click to view device 10024 1 O-Archimedes available
Dancing Tigger with Kanga 1999 click to view device 10030 1 O-Archimedes available



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Assistive Technology Resource Centers of Hawaii
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Assistive Technology Resource Centers of Hawaii
414 Kuwili Street Suite 104
Honolulu HI 96817
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